Seminars - Study days - Conferences

Cross-disciplinary dialogue around projects in progress (such as data processing operations already begun - Velib data, ticketing data from the city of Rennes, SEDIF potable water data) within the Cross-cutting Group, or research into mobility-related smartphone use, or into new mobility services, etc.) to tackle the consequences in terms of governance - funding of public/private stakeholders - changes in the practices of users/inhabitants/citizens and social impacts.

In-house seminars

March 22th 2018 : Digital cities and social exclusion

organised by Leslie Belton-Chevalier (IFSTTAR, laboratoire DEST) and Julie Gobert (ENPC, laboratoire LEESU)

February 5th 2018 - New data and mobility, around two presentations  :

Egor Kotov(HSE Graduate School of Urbanism, Moscow) : "Mobility patterns in Moscow. Insights from mobile phone data"

Etienne Côme (IFSTTAR, laboratoire GRETTIA) : "Exploratory analysis of smart-card data. Some results on bike-sharing systems and transit networks".

External seminars

May 4th 2017 - Contribution of the Cross-cutting Group to a session of the "Smart cities" conference (Plan Urbanisme Construction Architecture) : session 2 - Models and Big data. To find out more.

International seminars

As part of the LABEX WEEK 2017, the Transversal Group "City and Digital" organizes a morning of exchanges between practitioners and researchers, on September 12, on the topic Do mass data lead to rethink urban planning?



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