Cross-cutting Group : City and digital technology

Presentation of research project

The digital boom is  driving profound social changes in individuals behavior, the production of new services, governance and citizen participation arrangements. It is also generating a huge mass of data on lifestyle and the working of cities and paving the way for new research methods in the engineering sciences and the humanities and social scie aces (using smartphones, for example). So digital technology is helping to revamp conceptual and empirical approaches to the city in these disciplines. To fin out more


Transversal Group contacts


Anne Aguiléra



José-Frédéric Deroubaix

Ecole des Ponts ParisTech - LEESU

Researchers from inside or outside LABEX research teams with cross-cutting disciplinary backgrounds are activities involved in the Transversal Group's scientific projects. To find out more


Scientific projects

The transversal group researchers organise scientific events (seminars, international conferences or study days) to which outside personalities are invited. To find out more