Cross-cutting Group : Urban metabolism

Research project

The Group deploys four research to analyse urban metabolism : Focus 1 : Quantitative and qualitative analysis of inputs, and their determinants | Focus 2 : Analysing the performance of the logistical organisation of inputs and outputs | Focus 3 : Identification of spatial models for a sustainable urban metabolism | Focus 4 : Governance arrangements for circular urban systems.

The Group's activities are structured around study days and developing joint projects. To find out more.

Scientific coordination


Corinne Blanquart


Researchers from inside or outside LABEX research teams with cross-cutting disciplinary backgrounds are actively involved in the transversal group's scientific projects.To find out more.


Scientific events

As part of the Transversal Group's activities, scientific events are organied (seminars, international conferences or study days) to which LABEX researchers and outside personalities are invited. To find out more