"Urbanism and international expertise" - European Master's program

As part of LABEX Urban Futures, there is an "Urban Regeneration and city planning” option that brings French universities and institutes from Paris-Est together with four foreign universities, namely Hafencity Universität Hamburg (Germany), Politecnico di Milano (Italy), Malmö University (Sweden) and the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia).


  • developing international comparisons of planning processes and socio-economic issues as well as urban regeneration practices;
  • offering English language courses that bolster the international dimension of PRES Université Paris-Est;
  • promoting exchanges between different component entities within PRES Université Paris-Est; and
  • leveraging their diverse skills in order to market a highly-original course offering

Course organisation and obligations

Courses are organised into two semesters (S3 and S4) and students from partner institutions may apply to be hosted for a semester or for an entire year.

For the course to be validated, students must have spent at least one semester abroad.

Mobility assistance scholarship

LABEX Urban Futures is providing mobility assistance scholarships (outside of internship periods), defined as follows :

  • for students from partner universities, the scholarship is allocated during the course period (outside of internship periods)
  • for students enrolled in France, the scholarship is allocated during the semester spent in one of the foreign institutes.

Relations with Ecole d'Urbanisme de Paris

The program is designed in liaison with Ecole d'Urbanisme de Paris (EUP) which organises all of the class programs.

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