Cross-cutting Group: Justice, space, discrimination, inequality

Research project

The Cross-cutting Group's project was structured around two symposiums (Espace et rapports sociales de domination, September 2012 and Discriminations territoriales, June 2013) as well as one of the axes of the Labex symposium (Emerging interdisciplinary issues to understand, project and build the city of tomorrow, January 2013).

LABEX Urban Futures'JEDI (Justice, space, discriminations, inequality) cross-cutting group brings togegher researchers from different labs belonging to LABEX with the aim of contributing to the debate concerning the categories and conceptual frameworks developed to analyse equality, vunlerability, forms of discrimination, domination, stigmatisation or injustice encountered by different sections of the urban population. To find out more

Scientific coordination


Claire Hancock



Serge Weber



Alex Mahoudeau

UPE - LABEX Futurs Urbains - LAB'URBA

Project stakeholders

Researchers from inside or outside LABEX research teams with cross-cutting disciplinary backgrounds are actively involved in the transversal group's scientific projects.To find out more


Scientific events

As part of their activities, the researchers of the transversal group organize scientific events (seminars, international symposiums or study days) during which are invited researchers from the LABEX and external personalities.

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