Presentation of research project

The JEDI group project was structured around two scientific events (Espace et rapports sociales de domination, September 2012 and Discriminations territoriales, June 2013) as well as one of the axes of the Labex symposium (Emerging interdisciplinary issues to understand, to project and build the city of tomorrow, January 2013).

LABEX Urban Futures' JEDI (Justice, space, discrimination, inequality) transversal research group brings together researchers from different labs belonging to LABEX with the aim of contributing to the debate concerning the categories and conceptual framworks developed to analyse inequality, vulnerability, forms of discrimination, domination, stigmatisation or injustice encountered by different sections of the urban population. The work undertaken together to achieve theorical progress on the link between inequality and discrimination on the one hand, and spaces and territories on the other,  by leveraging notions such as spatial or environmental justice, gentrification and accessibility, focusing on forms of inhabitant mobility or mobilisation. This multi-disciplinary group mainly brings together geographers and urbanists.

The cross-cutting group conducts collective empirical research into :

  • the populations of Eastern Paris (Habest project, funded by Université Paris-Est)