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As part of the Cross-cutting Group's activities, scientific events are organised (seminars, international conference or study days) to which LABEX researchers and outside personalities are invited.

Events 2018

As part of the scientific activities of the Transversal Group "Usages of History and Urban Becomes" is organized, each year, a doctoral workshop piloted by doctoral students members of the Cross-cutting Group.

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Events 2017

January, 31th, 2017 - The role played by international conferences in the emergence of major twentieth century planning themes - Coordination : Cédric Fériel (LABEX FU - ACP) - Caroline Maniaque (ENSA Rouen).

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Digital humanity and the history of the Grand Paris building project - Coordination : Loïc Vadelorge (UPEM-ACP), Nathalie Roseau (ENPC-LATTS).

This study day is organised by the "Uses of history and urban futures" cross-cutting group as part of  LABEX WEEK 2017.

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The Cross-cutting Group "Usages of history and urban become" LABEX Future Urban organizes a workshop for PhD students and young doctors interested in the uses of heritage and history in the development of urban territories. Essentially interdisciplinary, this workshop aims to show the richness of the approaches on the question of the uses of the past and the heritage in the development and the development of the territories.

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Prepared by the Prime Minister of Equipment, Edgard Pisani, and promulgated on December 30, 1967, the Land Guidance Act  remained the reference text in terms of planning and urban planning up to the Gayssot law. of 13 December 2000 on Solidarity and Urban Renewal . In particular, it has defined some of the main town planning and land tenure systems whose principles have been in existence for decades, such as Land Use Plans  and Land Use Planning and Development Plans  - which have now evolved into Local Urban Plans (PLU) and Territorial Coherence Schemes  - or as Concerted Development Zones and public land institutions, which have today.

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Events 2016

This international conference invites us to examine, from all types of texts available, the words and speeches relating to the city in the territories where Greek was spoken during Antiquity and the Middle Ages. The study of vocabulary and the aim of this language is to better understand the meaning of words themselves, their evolution over time, their variation according to regions and the diversity of their uses in writings of different kinds. It also aims to clarify the mental representations underlying the use of these words and that, in a movement inverse but simultaneous, these build. How do the words of the city shape themselves ? How do words shape the city ?

Conferences, devoted to a single term, a lexical family, a semantic field, or a work about real or fictitious urban worlds, examine the city as a whole, its buildings, the activities conceived as properly urban or the people living there.

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The Cross-cutting Group  organized a workshop for PhD students and young PhDs interested in the use of heritage and history in the development of urban areas. In essence, this workshop aims to show the richness of the approaches on the question of the uses of the past and the heritage in the development and the development of the territories.

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Events 2015

Deconsidered by post-war urban plan planning, the parcel returned to the heart of the debate as part of the urban renewal and densification programs for the suburbs. The years 1990-2000 saw the emergence of various experiences that went in the direction of a new picturesque urban reintroducing a parcel system or taking the traces of the old. The questions posed by the temporal mutability of the parcel system are the subject of this study day which will seek to identify the "values" carried by the parcel, that they are those of the use, the security , of memory, or that they refer to economic strategies of land occupation.

This study day is organized by Usages Group of History and Becomes

created under the direction of Loic Vadelorge, within the Urban Futures Labex of Paris-Est University to examine the relationship between history and contemporary urban developments.

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Starting from the observation that the landscape project has a complex relationship and little studied with planning, the joint seminar Usages of history and becoming Urban Labex Urban Futures and Landscape Plan aims to question the forms of planning of the new city of Marne-La-Vallée with regard to the landscapes that it has actually generated.

Such a subject will be an opportunity to propose an original form of seminar that combines in situ experience and collaborative reflection from a deliberately naïve and playful landscape exploration protocol, consisting in systematically comparing planned space and real space as if the second was to result directly from the first. It is the recording of the gaps between the two that provides the dialectical reflection material of the seminary.

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