Presentation of project

The Cross-cutting Group "City and energy" aims to bring toghether LABEX member reserach teams around energy-related themes and foster exchanges at both national and international level between researchers and stakeholders concerned by such themes.

Over the past two years, the Cross-cutting Group's researcher has focused on eneregy autonomy at various different levels.

The Ctoss-cutting Group City and energy is focusing on three levels of action over the next two years :

  • Macro-level : working on ambitious multi-disciplinary/inter Labex and I-Site approaches underpinned by an international research network in order to be able to submit a European project in 2-3 years ;

  • Méso-level : organising events that help to structure and prepare the European project (seminars, workshops, missions and meeting to identify (and work with) partners). A series of seminars entitled "Electrical Hybridation and edge cities" is currently being prepared for 2017-2018.

  • Micro-level : financing initiatives put forward by Cross-cutting Group members (open, but with guidelines to "circumscribe" the choice : e.g., one request per year, max 500 euros per request, must be in phase with the Cross-cutting Group's activities, etc.) Governance arrangements for these activities and their funding out of the Cross-cutting's budget will be presented and discussed at the meeting of Septembre 15th 2017 (during Labex week).