International conferences organised by LABEX

LABEX Urban Futures organises an international event every two years as part of its scientific activities. In 2013, its first international conference was used to present and analyse all of LABEX's various different themes and was instrumental in the emergence of the cross-cutting group. The international conference organised in 2015 comprised a week-long series of scientific events organised by each of the cross-cutting groups. In 2017, the 3rd scientific event was held, the interventions of which were organized by the transversal groups of LABEX.

1st LABEX scientific event

"Emerging inter-disciplinary issues for undestanding, projecting and producing the cities of tomorrow" - 16, 17 and 18 January 2013 - To find out more


3rd scientific event of the LABEX

This is the third year that a scientific event bringing together researchers from LABEX research laboratories is organized on the site of the Cité Descartes.

As part of these days, events will be organized by the transversal groups. To find out more

2nd LABEX scientific event

La "LABEX WEEK" - du 19 to 23 January 2015.To find out more