Research themes

Cities are playing host to increasigly complex societies. The interconnected technical systems that enable them to function on a daily basis are expanding rapidly but governance arrangements, social relations, and newly-emerging practices are also gaining in complexity and their development is accelerating year in, year out.

LABEX Urban Futures provides an arena for analysing these complexities by bringing together different approaches to planning, architecture, the environment and transport.

Bu choosing to focus on a series of major reserch domains  where an interdisciplinary cooperation : Economic forces, dynamics of innovation and social change : the new prospect of globalized metropolises | Urban activity and the environment : building new models | The City for All : new vulnerabiliqties, new forms of governance | Efficient services for a better quality of urban life : a necessary change of socio-technical paradigm.

LABEX also helps to build inter-disciplinary by tackling specific issues, particularly through the work of the transversal research groups.


Dynamic economic forces for innovation and social transformation

Cities for everyone : new vulnerabilities and governance methods

Urban activity and the environment

Efficient services for better quality urban life