Scientific events

The cross-cutting group researchers organise scientific events (seminars, international conferences or study days) to which LABEX researchers and outside personalities are invited. In the course of international bilateral seminars, transversal group researchers are invited to participate in scientific activities in partner institutions.

Scientific Events in 2017

International bilingual workshop : Risks management spaces, territories and contexts - from 17 to 20 july 2017 - San José (Costa Rica)

From 17 to 20 July 2017, an international bilingual workshop was organised in San José (Costa Rica) around the theme of risk management spaces, territories and contexts. It was organised by the LABEX Urban Futures Cross-cutting Group "Risks", LATTS, the University of Costa Rica and the Institute of the Americas and the aim was to bring together researchers from a number of disciplines and different countries to exchange around the topid of urban risks and how to manage them and to open another front in the debate around a dynamic analysis of the risks at play in territories.To find out more.


Conference : Dialogue between Arts and Risks  -  13 september 2017 - LABEX WEEK 2017

Coordination :  Bruno Barroca (UPEM-LAB'URA) - Valérie November (CNRS-LATTS).


Event organised as part of LABEX WEEK 2017.

Program for the day (download)

Internal Cross-cutting Group seminar - 18 june 2017

Program :

  • Presentation by Julien Aldhuy : Resilience in the strategies of major cities : research pointers from the cases of London, New York, Sydney and Toronto.

Julien will give the presentation on his own, however, the work is a joint effort involving Christian Lefèvre and Lauren Terral and their various affiliations :
Julien Aldhuy, Université Paris Est, Lab’urba (EA 3482), UPEC, UPEM, EIVP, F-77454, Marne-la-Vallée, France
Christian Lefèvre, Université Paris Est, LATTS (UMR 8134), CNRS, ENPC, UPEM, F-77454, Marne-la-Vallée, France
Laurent Terral, Université Paris Est, LVMT (UMR 9403), ENPC, IFSTTAR, UPEM, F-77454, Marne-la-Vallée, France

  • Campaign to allocate LABEX PhD contracts for 2017/2020 ; the thesis subject suggested by the Cross-cutting Group concerns post-flood waste management in the wake of exchanges around this topic over the past two yeard. To consult the thesis, click here.

  • Conference-debate organised by the MRN, the Cross-cutting Group Risks and LAB'URBA on Monday 26 June from 4 pm to 6 pm at Fédération Française de l'Assurance (FFA), 26 Bd Haussmann, Paris 9th arrondissement, around the theme : Making a multi-hazard mitigation plan for America's largest State. The California experience in integrating stakeholder interests and directives.

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