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The Transverse Groups are the central feature of LABEX Urban Futures. Their scientific activities bring together 335 scientific staff (human and social sciences, environmental sciences, engineering and construction sciences). They constitute spaces for cooperation between researchers from different research units, academic sociability of doctoral students and post-docs, accumulation of knowledge, collective publications. Learn more

As part of the training, links training-research, the LABEX supports the Research Master "Urban Planning and International Expertise" of the School of Urban Planning of Paris. The LABEX belongs to 3 Doctoral Schools of University Paris-Est (City, Transports and Territories - Sciences, Engineering and Environment - Cultures and Societies) by means of financing of theses. In 2016 and 2019, two summer school sessions for doctoral students were organized by LABEX. Also, LABEX contributes to post-doctoral funding. Learn more

LABEX is a member of 14 laboratories comprising 843 scientific staff whose fields of research are related to those of LABEX Urban Futures: planning, architecture, environment, geography, history, sociology and transport. The "LABEX WEEK" is a set of scientific meetings organized during a single week by all the Transversal Groups and by the management of LABEX Urban Futures. Learn more

In terms of valuation, in addition to scientific publications (publications of Transversal Groups, publication of books in the framework of LABEX activities ....) and the visibility produced by the various international symposia organized or supported by LABEX, an editorial policy Specific is developed through partnerships with two publishers specializing in urban issues: the Golden Eye collection "Critics and Cities - Urban Futures" and inFolio collection "Archigrapy - Pocket - Urban Futures. Learn to more.


  • July 2020
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Cette exposition restitue le travail photographique que Cécile Cuny, Nathalie Mohadjer et Hortense Soichet  ont  réalisé dans le cadre d'un projet de...