Séminaires - Journées d'étude - Colloques (2020 - )

Dans le cadre des activités du groupe transversal, il est organisé des événements scientifiques (séminaires, journées d'étude colloques internationaux) durant lesquels sont invités des chercheurs des laboratoires du LABEX et des personnalités extérieures. 

Événements scientifiques 2020

The ERSA Summer School 2020 in collaboration with the Institute of Geography and Sus-tainability (University of Lausanne) aim to gather young researchers (PhD and post-doctoral students) with direct training in regional science.
The Summer School seeks to encourage close interactions and feedbacks among partici-pants and top senior researchers as well as internationally recognized analysts.

This year ERSA Summer School’s edition will feature: “Regions in transition, what impli-cations for tourism and manufacturing?”. Sustainability transition is a new significant challenge for regional science with several issues, needs, opportunities but also threats for regions specialized in tourism or/and manufacturing. Production, innovation and consump-tion systems, labour markets, transport and mobility are just few examples of elements that are evolving face to this challenge. Therefore, the Summer School intends to focus on the most relevant concepts as well as analytical models and frameworks to be able to unders-tand implications of transition for tourism and manufacturing.
Within this umbrella, the ERSA Summer School 2020 will particularly address the interaction between empirical, theoretical and policy analysis related to the following classic topics of regional science:

•    Regional and urban development, labour markets, policy and governance;
•    Regional competitiveness, innovation and productivity;
•    Change in location of economic activity;
•    Segregation, social, environmental and spatial inequalities;
•    Transport, land use and accessibility; Population, migration and mobility behaviour;
•    Regional finance, fiscal issues, investment or capital markets.

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