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Inventing the Greater Paris

Urban natures

Uses of history and urban futures

City, tourism, transport and territory

Justice, space, discrimination and inequalities

Approaching the urban through the image

City and energy

Diffuse cities and urbanization network

Urban metabolism

Urban production and markets

City and digital technology

Urban pedestrian mobilities

City risks

Urban professions


Headed by Université Paris-Est, FUTURE is a scientific and institutional project developed with seven members and partners of the Comue (community of universities and institutions): Ifsttar, UPEM, ESIEE Paris, Eav&t, EIVP, IGN and ENPC. These eight institutions form the I-SITE Consortium and are signatories to the agreement with the ANR (National Research Agency), main operator of the Investissements d’Avenir programme on behalf of the higher education and research sector. Awarded its label in February 2017, the project is a 10-year initiative, beginning with a probationary period of four years.

Focusing on the theme of the city of tomorrow, the FUTURE Initiative’s scientific project is structured around three challenges: the resource- and energy-efficient city, the safe and resilient city, the citizen-centred smart city. Its goal is to “foster cross-fertilisation between the knowledge and skills present in the so-called hard sciences, the engineering sciences and the social sciences” (Extracts from the summary of the site "FUTURE-Inventing the City of Tomorrow" - Communication Service COMUE UPE). To find out more


The LABEX Futurs Urbains has exchanges and scientific collaborations with LABEX DYNAMITE (Laboratory of Territorial and Territorial Dynamics Excellence) and LABEX IMU (Laboratory of Excellence Intelligence of the Urban Worlds).


The DCUN will hold its first seminar event for the year 2019. This seminar is consid-  ered a “working seminar” and will focus on the discussion for...


Ce séminaire a pour objectif d’examiner les interférences conjoncturelles entre le travail historiographique sur le Grand Berlin (histoire sociale et...




The digital transformation of tourism in the city

Marie Delaplace, Pierre-Olaf Schut, Tourism Research Group of the LabEX Urban...


Les activités scientifiques du Groupe Transversal "Justice, espaces, discriminations, inégalités" s'articulent en séminaires et en journées d'études....



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