Initiatives to showcase LABEX publications

In terms of showcasing LABEX, in addition to scientific publications (Transversal Group publications, works published as part of LABEX’s activities, etc.) and the visibility generated by the various international conferences organised or supported by LABEX, the publication strategy is developed around partnerships with two publishers who specialise in urban-related subjects:

A number of works have been published and others are in the pipeline.

Œil d'Or’s "Critiques et Cités - Futurs Urbains" collection publishes scientific works based on joint projects between LABEX teams. It showcases the work produced by the different transversal groups.

InFolio’s "Archigraphy - Poche - Architecture Urbanisme" collection is designed more for a non-specialised readership. This latter collection invites researchers from different backgrounds to give their views on current urban hot topics.

Publication request procedure

All publication requests must be submitted in accordance with research projects to one of the two LABEX collections.

All publication requests are vetted by the LABEX Urban Futures Editorial Committee.