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GT Production urbaine et marchés - International workshop « Comparing property markets on an international scale » - 13th March 2018 - Champs-sur-Marne

Le 13 mars 2018

This workshop’s goal is to bring together French and foreign researchers working on property data usage and understanding property markets in order to facilitate international comparisons. It is supported by the Urban Futures Labex of the University Paris-Est and it continues to develop the conceptual framework that was discussed during the day-long seminar entitled “Representing property markets” held at the University Paris 7 Diderot in July 2017.

While many scholars compare property markets from the same urban area or compare the way these markets distinguish urban areas within a given country, very few propose an international comparison.

And yet, this is a main scientific issue. Such comparisons would provide a new angle for studying metropolitan development as well as its internal trends relating to inequality and gentrification.

This one-day seminar will provide a space to undertake such reflection while highlighting the

methodological and theoretical stakes related to international comparability. Two main themes will be developed:

  • The viability of international comparison for the researcher: what are the different data sources available in different countries? How can we relate them ? How can we compare markets on a global scale when the existing statistical nomenclatures that allow us to understand them are clearly the result of local and political history ? Regardless of the way the data is constructed, does the same piece of information have a comparable meaning in contexts where the political regulations, market actors and social representations are not the same ?

  • Professional forms of international comparisons: here we will adopt a reflective posture by studying the way that markets actors produce comparisons. Specifically, we will analyze rubrics created by consulting cabinets and rating agencies. What hierarchy do these rubrics generate between markets and cities ? Which cities are a part of this comparison and which ones are excluded ? To what extent international comparison consider metropolitan areas, or only focus on central cities ? Do these valuation devices have an impact on the property investment geography ?


The participants will have 45 minutes to present their research. This may include comparative studies as such or studies showing the specificities of a specific country’s real estate markets.

Organisation committee

  • Loïc BONNEVAL (Centre Max Weber, ULL)
  • Guilhem BOULAY (Espace, UAPV)
  • Laure CASANOVA ENAULT (Espace, UAPV)
  • Alexandre COULONDRE (Lab’Urba, UPE)
  • Renaud LE GOIX (Géographie-Cités, UPD)

Contact : Alexandre Coulondre (

Address : Cité Descartes - 14-20 Boulevard Newton -  Champs-Sur-Marne (France)

Building Bienvenüe - Salle B015

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