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DCUN - Seminar Series "New urban epistemologies & diffuse urbanization" - 6 april 2018 - 14 h 30 - Paris

Le 6 avril 2018


The international research network “Diffuse Cities and Urbanization” (DUCN) launches a regular research seminar. Its objective is to address the debates surrounding the contemporary worldwide diffusion of urbanization, in order to contribute to the production of new epistemologies of the urban in a global and comparative perspective. Not only the territorial diffusion of urbanization poses major challenges in terms of governance, but it also offers an intriguing research object which stimulates the production of ‘new geographies of urban knowledge’ (Roy 2009). Such geographies require the elaboration of new analytical frames which transcend the dichotomies between urban and rural, North and South, Western and postcolonial (Brenner and Schmid 2015). Our research seminar aims to contribute to the production of such analytical frames. It does so by providing a space where diverse disciplinary and thematic perspectives and approaches on urban diffusion and the diffusion of urbanization are presented in a comparative and relational perspective (Ren and Luger, 2015).

Roy, A. 2009. “The 21st Century Metropolis: New Geographies of Theory”. Regional Studies. Vol. 43 (6). 819-830.

Brenner, N. and Schmid, C. 2015. “Towards a new epistemology of the urban?”. City. Vol. 19 (2-3). 151-182.

Ren, J. and Luger, J. 2015. “Comparative Urbanism and the ‘Asian City’: Implications for Research and Theory”. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research. Vol. 39 (1). 145-156.


The research network DCUN explores the connections between a wide range of productive activi- ties and urbanization processes. Productive activities are indeed major engines for the diffusion of urbanization. For instance, the location of manufacture and productive centres determine the avail- ability and location of jobs; they maintain in situ and/or attract migrations.

This session will be based on two following presentations :

Laetitia Dablanc (IFSTTAR - University Paris East):“New logistics landscapes in urban regions - the growing importance of warehouses”

Julien Birgi (PhD candidate and Senior Urban Planner at Bordeaux Metropolitan Authority): ”Productive systems and urbanization in emerging countries. A comparative study of the impact of industrial zones, remote factories and artisan clusters in Java, Indonesia”

=> Presentations will be given in French

VENUE - Paris-Belleville Architecture School (ENSA PB) - Research Floor - IPRAUS Institute - 60 Boulevard de la Villette, 75019 Paris, FRANCE (Métro Belleville – Lines No.11 or 2) - Access Map (click here).

ORGANIZED BY - DCUN / Labex Urban Futures

COORDINATED BY - Adèle Esposito (CNRS / UMR AUSser 3329), Joël Idt (University Paris-Est, Lab’Urba), Clément Musil (UMR AUSser 3329)