Cross-cutting Group : Approaching the urban through the image

Presentation of reseatch project

Developing critical knowledge and acquiring the skills needed to produce one's own images have now become key intellectual and political issues for researchers.

"Thinking urban through images" provides a forum for both exchanging theoretical information and collective experimentation and explores the potential of the image and display systems in urban research.

The collective of researchers who are also photographers and/or video makers, seeks to shake up research and scientific writing practices by bringing visual skills and amenities up to date and leveraging contemporary digital resources.



Scientific coordination


Anne Jarrigeon



Cécil Cuny-Robert



Clément Barbier


Researchers from inside or outside LABEX research teams with cross-cutting disciplinary backgrounds are actively involved in the transversal group's scientific project. To find out more



Scientific events

The Transversal Group organises an annual seminar in the form of thematic study days open to LABEX members and a wide range of academics, artists and stakeholders from the art and urbanisme spheres. To find out more


Le Graph a invité pour un travail in situ le collectif Penser l’urbain par l’image. Renonçant à l’observation directe du territoire souvent centrale...


par Anne Jarrigeon, anthropologue, photographe-vidéaste, maîtresse de conférences à l’École d’Urbanisme de Paris

Qu’apportent aux études urbaines les...